FAQ: Make your access to the space even easier.

Find here all the questions we are frequently asked. We work hard to be as clear as possible in our response. Feel free to send us an email at contact@ridespace.io.

About the platform

How to access the platform?

To access the platform you just have to go to this website and register. Once done, the access will be opened and you will be able to create your own project. Attention, the access to the platform is only possible for satellite operators. Other profiles will be denied access.

How do you get your price?

One of our values is transparency, therefore we are for price transparency. We work hard to ensure that the prices and more generally the information on the platform are as accurate as possible but remain estimates. Our information comes from 1 main source: The launchers themselves who have their own access to the platform and which allow them to complete and configure certain information.This information is sometimes completed by publicly available information via studies and various documents produced by specialists.

How accurate are the information displayed?

We strive to have the most accurate information possible by going directly to their sources. Thus, we are in contact with most of the launcher manufacturers in the world. These companies can provide their information directly on the platform.

What's the business model of the platform?

Our business model is very simple, we take a 10% commission on the total cost of the launch (launch and associated services).

Are we directly in contact with the providers?

Because we have at heart to preserve the peace of mind of the pitchers and our commitment to them, we first carry out a 1st screening of the offer before sharing your ad with them. Once the request is validated by us, the pitchers receive a notification that allows them to express their interest, or not.

How far does your work go?

The ambition of RIDE! is to facilitate access to space, for this, we have developed 5 offers that allows you to be accompanied throughout their mission management: 1/ The platform that allows a connection with a launcher 2/the service to support for negotiation: to accompany you throughout the call for proposals. 3/The service for your radio frequency registration : to accompany you in the registration of your radio frequency band. 4/Compliance & test: to accompany you in the certainty to have that your satellite will not suffer and will not make damage to the launchers (selected or already selected). 5/ Integration: to accompany you on the real integration on a launcher.

Who have access to the platform?

Only satellite operators are authorized to access the platform. Any other person or company will be denied access. For any question, you can contact us on contact@ridespace.io

How secured are the information?

Your security is at the heart of our concern because we know that your information is sensitive. Ours is too. Fortunately, our CTO has extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity and has shielded the development and infrastructure of the platform to ensure the security of your data, the data of the launchers and ours.

Which companies are accessible on the platform?

One of the strengths of RIDE! lies in its completeness. We work with almost all the launchers that will be able to fly by 2024. We strive to maintain stable and healthy relationships with them so that you can get in touch with them and get a quick response from them.

What to do in case of a bug?

RIDE! never bugs... of course not!

RIDE! is a digital platform and like any digital platform, sometimes things can go wrong. So if you encounter a bug, just send an email to contact@ridespace.io, we will take care of it.

About the services

What are the services you're providing?

Our vision is to ease access to space, for this, we accompany the operators on 4 critical moments of a flight:- Radio frequency registration with the ITU.- Clean room tests and assurance of satellite compliance once on the launcher to avoid any damage- The integration of the satellite (with or without its deployment system), on the launcher- On the support to the negotiations on the offers of the launchers 

How do you price your services?

Some of our services are standard while others are custom made. The price will depend on your needs.

Do you have specific partnership?

Yes, we work in close collaboration with companies based in France and abroad. These companies are carefully selected and audited to ensure that they have a perfect command of their subjects

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