A community specially dedicated to people that plan to or have already launched a smallsat into space.

"Manufacturing and launching a satellite into space is one of the greatest achievements of humanity. Even after 60 years since the first ever satellite was launched, this is still an astonishing accomplishment! For the first time, we propose you, the satellite operators, to do what the humans are the best at : Cooperating to achieve the unimaginable! We built this community to give the opportunity to inspire and support all the people and companies that plan to launch satellites into space."


What will you have access


A WhatsApp group to allow members to exchange directly and instantly

Content Repertory

A document that contains all the relevant content shared by the community members.


A centralized contact details of all the community members.


A monthly newsletter with the latest news from the community.

Exclusive contents

Only for the community : Webinar, testimonial, monthly meeting...

Last Minute Deals

Get access to exclusive and direct deals from Launch Vehicles.

For whom ?

✔️ Academic or private companies

✔️With or Without experience of satellite launch

✔️Whatever your stage  

✔️From conception design to orbit

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