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RIDE! Launch Platform allows you to diffuse your services to the world and find new customers.

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RIDE! allows you to...


Scale your sales and get more leads by using RIDE! as a tool to address the satellite operator market. With RIDE! you increase your ability to address the global market.


Manage incoming requests, ensuring they match the services and preferences you have entered to ensure a successful business relationship.

Adress the Newspace operators market for real

Tell the worlds you're ready to do business

With RIDE! configure your launch vehicle, set up your launch manifest and the services you provide and instantly broadcast your offer to potential customers.

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iMac screen displaying RIDE!platform

Receive serious business opportunities

RIDE! allows you to manage all the launch requests that come in. Whether you agree to go further or want to refine your offer, you can manage serious & concrete commercial opportunities directly on the platform to turn them into real business.

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Centralize your requests in one place

Don't waste time visualizing where you are in your business opportunities. RIDE! allows you to centralize and manage all your requests, whether or not they are generated on RIDE!

Discover the platform
iMac screen displaying RIDE!platform

How RIDE! can help you :

Operational Launch vehicle 

1. Scale your customer acquisition
2. Optimize your cost of acquisition

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Launch vehicle in project

1. Get feedback on your offer
2. Fill your order book

I am in development

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