Simple, direct, and secured Platform.

With RIDE!platform, there are no middle men. Choose the best provider according to your needs to launch your satellite into Space.

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The most convenient way to launch

RIDE! is a secured digital platform which allow you to easily choose the most importance service you'll need to launch a satellite into space: your Launch Vehicle.

Find your launch vehicle or OTV by registering on the platform.

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Secured your launch and make sure your needs match with the offer available on the market.
Gain time (and money) by exchanging with launch vehicle that have opened their manifest.
Benefit from our expertise (technical & commercial) to get the most updated data of the market

An unique Artificial Intelligence

RIDE! has focused its expertise on the development of an In-House algorithm that measures the match between the operator's request and the launchers' offers.

With each request issued by an operator, the algorithm is trained and improved to propose the perfect match.

All this technology is concentrated by the percentage of matching easily interpretable by the users.

Address the whole market

Get in contact with the launch vehicle, without middleman between.

With RIDE! platform you can probe and get in touch with all the launch vehicles and OTV of the market. We will find you the solutions that match your needs.

Optimize your launch process & pricing

No more surprises, through the platform you have access to the real price and datas. 

Those are upload by the launch provider itself on the other side of the platform.

Who can access this platform?

🏢 Private Satellite Operator

Don't waste your time and money. Get access to the most relevant information to optimize your launch process.

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🎓 University / Research Center

Focus on science. Optimize your budget. We guide you on every step and help you manage the administrative burden.

I am an University / Research Center


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