Launch Integration and Interface

We can integrate your satellite onto all launch vehicles wherever they are, by integrating your satellite and its separation system onto the selected Launch Vehicle, and providing interfaces and fairing configuration analysis.
RIDE! allows you to insure the launch vehicle you select is the most suitable.

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"Don't jeopardize your mission because you don't know how to integrate your satellite"

What RIDE! is doing?

RIDE! offers 3 integration services that come on 3 levels and aim to accompany the operator throughout its integration campaign :
- To forsee the integration campaign process, RIDE! can produce a complete analysis based on the project, expected budget and a group of selected launchers.
-To make the fairing configuration more efficient, RIDE!, in collaboration with the selected launch vehicle, optimizes the fairing configuration to reduce stress on the payload or allows you to send multiple payloads at a time. 
-  At RIDE! we can support you throughout this entire process of integration with the best partners. This can even constrain you launcher choice.

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Our commitment & deliverables

We take care of the edition of all the documents that allow us to carry out the call for projects, their distribution, and their processing. Finally, we take care of defending your interest according to the profile of your mission.

CAD model of the fairing configuration optimization

Pre-campaign analysis report

Support on the Interface Control Document

When should you call us?

Whatever problems you have encountered during your search for a launch, we have something to help you overcome them.

You've no internal expertise
The prices are to high
You don't know the actors who provide the services or hardwares required

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