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350+ Satellite Operators
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RIDE! is


Get pricing, find the launch manifest & technical details to get in touch quickly with the launch providers.


Create your project in a few minutes and get an overview of the providers that suit your needs.


Save days of search, several emails and data compilation.

With RIDE!, the satellite launch process becomes easy.

RIDE! Platform

Whether you are a researcher, an academic or a private satellite operator the platform is tailored by you and for you!

RIDE! use it’s own algorithm to find you launch opportunities and associated services that best match your needs, and thus among all the launch providers.

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RIDE! Services

RIDE! helps you manage the entire process of your launch: from the signing of contracts and your launch services from the launch selection to the launch pad.

Launch call for tender & procurement                    Radio Frequency Registration            Launch Environment Compliance and Test         Launch Integration and Interface          


Because knowledge and sharing is essential for RIDE!, we regularly offer content to share our knowledge to all actors of the Newspace industry. You can find all our latest publications in this section.

RIDE! Resources

How RIDE! can help you :

🎓 University / Research Center

Optimize your budget. We guide you on every step and help you manage the administrative burden.

I am a University or Research Center

🏢 Private Satellite Operator

Get access to the most relevant information to optimize your launch process.

I am a Private Satellite Operator


"CNES is very pleased to support RIDE! space, the first digital launch-on-demand platform that connects over 30 launch operators with 140 satellite operators !"

Jean-Marc ASTORG

Strategy Director at Central National d'Etude Spatial

It is a great pleasure for us to work with RIDE! We believe RIDE! is an excellent partner to cooperate with in the field of launch service and radio frequency registration for satellites. In the New Space era, competition between companies is getting intensive and it is important to develop a strong network for cooperation.

Seongick CHO

CEO & Co-Founder of TelePIX

We’re thrilled to be working with RIDE! to support our search for a launch for CTS-SAT-I. As a first-time satellite developer, CalgaryToSpace is thankful for the expertise and support that is provided to the project. By partnering with RIDE!, we’ve greatly improved our confidence in mission success, and are excited to be collaborating internationally.”


President & Co-Founder of CalgaryToSpace

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