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"We’re delighted to list on the RIDE! Platform. We hope this will assist in customer acquisition as well as provide higher visibility among potential customers. I also think this will help us fill-up space capacity on the launcher, especially with the "Last Minute Deal" feature"."


CEO of Innospace

"We are delighted to be able to collaborate with RIDE!, whose platform perfectly meets the needs of small satellite operators and manufacturers. At Arianespace, we always strive to offer quality service to our customers and support them through the various stages leading to the launch of their satellites. The platform developed by RIDE! Perfectly addresses this imperative by facilitating communication with them and highlighting the opportunities available on Ariane 6 and Vega-C."


CEO of Arianespace

"We are grateful for the invaluable partnership we've cultivated with RIDE!, their expertise, flexibility, and prompt service have played a pivotal role in the success of our satellite launch initiatives."



"We’re thrilled to be working with RIDE! to support our search for a launch for CTS-SAT-I. As a first-time satellite developer, CalgaryToSpace is thankful for the expertise and support that is provided to the project. By partnering with RIDE!, we’ve greatly improved our confidence in mission success, and are excited to be collaborating internationally."


President and Co-founder of CalgaryToSpace

"Today’s space industry is a dynamic place, made up of many innovative companies that are scaling rapidly. Platforms like RIDE! will further democratize space access by connecting new launch providers, like Gilmour Space in Australia, to the growing number of global space players. We're excited to see the results of our partnership for streamlined small satellite and payload bookings on Eris."

Adam Gilmour

CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies

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We handle your launch campaign from end to end. Prioritize getting your satellite ready and bringing it to completion; we'll take care of the rest.

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We help you find the ideal launch for your satellite, supplying the deployer and all necessary equipment for a successful space mission. Whether you require a last-minute flight or a specific altitude or orbit, we have you covered

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End-to-End Launch Management

At RIDE!, we understand that preparing and launching a satellite is your main priority. That's why we offer comprehensive end-to-end launch management services: from handling all paperwork to guiding you through every essential step, we ensure your satellite launches into orbit seamlessly and on schedule. This allows you to direct your energy and resources toward perfecting your satellite's design and functionality

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Let us take the hassle out of your project logistics and represent you every step of the way. In addition to our comprehensive launch management services, we offer a range of supplementary solutions customized to meet your specific needs

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