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Save time and money

While you’re working on finishing your satellite, we manage all your launch missions through the platform

Monitor your launch mission

Keep the control of your mission with no intermediaries. Know the best options you can take and choose the one who fits you better

Secure your launch & get exceptional opportunities

Get discounts coming from RIDE! partners and schedule the flight for your satellite into orbit

Find the flight for your satellite to be into orbit

RIDE! is a marketplace where you can compare all the different launch vehicles manifest and prices to launch your satellite to space


Launch finder

Find rocket launches easily, thanks to our algorithm and your mission details, the platform becomes a tool to help you keep track of upcoming launches and related information

Compare Launch Providers

Access comprehensive data on all available launch providers, enabling you to compare launch vehicles and delve into manifest details

Exclusive Offers Alerts

Stay informed about special offers and last-minute-deals negotiated by RIDE!, ensuring you never miss out on the best prices and opportunities in the market

Mission Planning and Progress Tracking Tools

Seamlessly create your launch mission and monitor its stages in real-time, from defining requirements to receiving offers from launchers, streamlining the process of securing a flight for your satellite or ensuring you are ready on every step of the way

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Experience all this, under the guidance of a team of experts in the space industry!


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Whether your primary or secondary focus is locating small satellites, registering your rocket on the RIDE! platform connects you with Satellite Operators worldwide.

Increase your visibility, take a look at the market options, and avoid long delays within deals

  • ✓  With over 350+ satellite operators on the platform

  • ✓  Registration is free and takes less than 10 minutes

  • ✓  Provide the necessary information to ensure only compatible satellites can send you offers