About RIDE!

Our dedicated team is committed to revolutionizing the satellite and space launch industry

RIDE! empowering access to space since 2020

By providing streamlined solutions and dedicated support, we ensure that your journey to space is seamless and efficient


RIDE! is founded, delivers its first platform prototype, and signs its first contract with CNES.


RIDE! signs its first brokerage contracts on Vega-C and SpaceX.


First ESA contract, framework agreement for platform with Arianespace, Exotrail, Cas Space, Agnikul, Momentus. RIDE! network reaches a milestone of 350+ and 35+ LV/OTV.


RIDE! is the French leader in launch services and has more than 24 launch contracts on 7 different launchers or OTVs, including T missions.

Our Mission & Vision

RIDE!'s Mission

At RIDE!, our mission is to bridge the gap between satellite operators and rocket launch services. We strive to simplify the process of securing a launch spot for your satellite, making space more affordable, convenient, and reliable.

RIDE!'s Vision

Our vision is to become the leading actor, empowering launch providers and satellite operators worldwide while supporting the space industry's growth.

Our values


We ensure consistency and trustworthiness through our platform, services and interactions with customers. It's our commitment to delivering our promises, meeting expectations, and maintaining high standards of performance


At RIDE! we've the willingness to think outside the box, push boundaries, disrupt the market, pursue ambitious goals, and embrace change in pursuit of excellence

Unifying leadership

Cohesion and collaboration are important for us. Alignment among leaders at all levels of the organization. We believe that an effective leadership is not hierarchical but rather a collective effort where individuals work together towards common goals, leveraging their unique strengths and perspectives


signifies a deep understanding and consideration for the needs, feelings, and perspectives of others. It involves actively listening to customers, employees, and stakeholders, and responding with sensitivity and sympathy

Digital Native

Embracing technology and innovation as integral components of our identity and operations. It is a mindset, we're introduce a digital tool into the space industry, our platform and our services are an eagerness to leverage them to drive efficiency, agility, and growth