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24 Launch Services Agreements formalized

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"CNES is very pleased to support RIDE! space, the first digital launch-on-demand platform that connects over 35 launch operators with 350 satellite operators"


Strategy Director at the French National Center of Space Studies (CNES)

"It is a great pleasure for us to work with RIDE! We believe RIDE! is an excellent partner to cooperate with in the field of launch service and radio frequency registration for satellites"


CEO of Telepix

"Platforms like RIDE! will further democratize space access by connecting new launch providers, like Gilmour Space in Australia, to the growing number of global space players. We're excited to see the results of our partnership"

Adam Gilmour

CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies

"We’re delighted to list on the RIDE! Platform. We hope this will assist in customer acquisition as well as provide higher visibility among potential customers and help us fill-up space capacity on the launcher"


CEO of Innospace