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Our partners

We're part of the Van Allen Fundation

RIDE! is a member of the Van Allen Foundation Partners Club of the University of Montpellier, which supports the first French University Space Center ever created. This foundation is dedicated to promoting and supporting student training through the hands-on experience of building nanosatellites from scratch, both nationally and internationally. Established by the University of Montpellier in collaboration with leading companies such as 3D PLUS, AIRBUS, EXPLEO, and LATECOERE Interconnection Systems, the foundation also receives backing from prominent representatives of CNES, ESA, and JPL/NASA.

RIDE! joins Aerospace Valley

Since December 2023, RIDE! is a member of Aerospace Valley, a dynamic and internationally renowned network that generates business opportunities for its members. The 2022-2025 ambitions of Aerospace Valley include being a nationally, European, and globally recognized regional player, positioning regional actors as pioneers in the ecological transition of aerospace sectors, accelerating digital transformation to enhance competitiveness, driving innovation, aligning skill development with emerging industry needs, and ensuring the growth and future security of aerospace industries in the region. By joining this prestigious cluster, RIDE! aims to leverage these opportunities to further its mission and growth in the aerospace sector.

RIDE! part of the StartAir Club by GIFAS

Being part of StartAir, the club for startups in the French aerospace sector, is a significant milestone for RIDE! Launched by GIFAS in April 2022, StartAir aims to accelerate cooperation between startups and established companies in this high-tech, excellence-driven field. Membership in StartAir allows RIDE! to accelerate its development, benefiting from all GIFAS services and privileged access to its member ecosystem. This includes shared experiences, support, and guidance, vital for growth. We're proud to be among the 60+ companies in the club, leveraging this network to drive forward our initiatives.