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Small satellite launches have become a commodity. For Launch & Satellite ecosystems, it is time for a more direct way to collaborate. This is Β New Space.

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Get pricing, launch manifest, technical details.

Create your project in just a few clicks to have an overview of all providers that suit your needs.
Have access to expertise & data from the industry.

With RIDE!, the satellite launch process becomes convenient.


Whether you are a researcher, academic, or private satellite operator, you can use RIDE! SaaS. We're using our Artificial Intelligence to find the launch opportunity & launch services to send your satellite into orbit that best suits your needs from over 100 providers. To use it, you just need to register.

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RIDE! helps you manage the entire process of your launch: from the signing of contracts and your launch services to the final phase on the launch pad.



We have developed a deep knowledge of the NewSpace market. We provide Space actors with studies that allow to better understand the space ecosystem.

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How RIDE! can help you :

πŸŽ“ University / Research Center

Focus on science. Optimize your budget. We guide you on every step and help you manage the administrative burden.

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🏒 Private Satellite Operator

Don't waste your time and money. Get access to the most relevant information to optimize your launch process.

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