Launch Call for Tender and Procurement Strategy

The decision to purchase and select its launch providers is multifactorial because it includes many services that are for the most part associated, that are interdependent and whose adequacy with the operator's project is sometimes difficult to find.

RIDE! positions itself as a business partner for the entire management of the launch purchase.

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"Don't jeopardize your mission because it’s hard to find the right partner to launch with"


Save money
Between 18% and 42% of cost optimization per launch solutions
Insure the best decision
Open your project to launchers around the world , and get a full variety of solutions
Save time
2 months saved on launch selection and management.

What RIDE! is doing?

Thanks to our different experiences, we have developed a methodology that allows our customers to benefit from a great speed of execution in the constitution of their call for projects. Moreover, the experience and the high level network that we have built up in the space ecosystem and more particularly with the launchers, also allows us to wait quickly for the suppliers' answers, without neglecting the final result.

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Our commitment & deliverables

We take care of the edition of all the documents that allow us to carry out the call for projects, their distribution, and their processing. Finally, we take care of defending your interest according to the profile of your mission.

Specifying the Technical and commercial needs

Editing Response and
purchase grid

Managing and displaying the RFP to launch providers 

Restituting and analysing of responses

Pricing analysis and savings table

Managing the Steering and Project Committees

When should you call us?

Whatever problems you have encountered during your search for a launch, we have something to help you overcome them.

You've no internal expertise
Lack of understanding and motivation
Price are to high
You don't find a launch
You've no network



How to select the launch provider or OTV for your space mission?


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